Digestive Disorders
Have you eaten?
Malaysians love to eat, but it’s always wiser to be kind to your digestive system and fill your tummies with the right stuff.
Immunity, Mood & Mental Clarity
An Attitude For Gratitude Has Mental Health Benefits
It's not how much we have that determines our happiness; it’s how grateful we are.
Immunity, Mood & Mental Clarity
A Strong Immune System Starts in the Gut
Your digestive system accounts for the majority of your body's immune system.
Probiotics for Gut Health
Getting to Know Probiotics and its Health Benefits
When it comes to one's overall health, good gut health is crucial.
Digestive System
Gut Microbiota and Health
A balanced gut microbiota is essential to your gut health.
Immunity, Mood & Mental Clarity
Gut or Brain, Who's the Boss?
Did you know that there is a link between the gut and the brain?
Probiotics for Gut Health
The Probiotic Advantage to Health
Probiotics, or good bacteria, are live microorganisms which replenish the 'good' bacteria found in our guts.
Immunity, Mood & Mental Clarity
Probiotics Help Your Immunity
You may not be aware that probiotics are closely linked to the state of your digestive health.
Immunity, Mood & Mental Clarity
A Little Help for Your Immunity
Having a healthy immune system is vital for good health and there are many factors which can positively influence it.
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