Keeps You Looking Younger and Healthier!

Like great skin? So do we! Enjoy clear and smooth skin with VITAGEN Collagen Less Sugar – the cultured milk drink that’s loaded with marine collagen peptides and probiotics.

Each bottle of VITAGEN Collagen Less Sugar contains 500mg of marine collagen peptides along with billions of good bacteria such as

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei. Despite collagen being an important protein that plays a vital role in the maintenance of skin, we naturally produce less of it as we age. With VITAGEN Collagen Less Sugar, you provide your body with not only a consistent supply of collagen which helps your skin stay radiant, youthful and healthy, but also live probiotics that improve your digestive health.

Just two bottles of VITAGEN Collagen Less Sugar a day is sufficient to provide your body with its daily quota of healthy bacteria. Together with a steady supply of collagen, you don’t just look healthy, you feel healthy too!

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