A Little Bit of Dirt Never Hurt Anyone. In Fact, It Could Help!

While most parents understand the importance of building up their children’s immunity, not many may realise that the simple act of playing outdoors is a great way of keeping them strong and resistant to infections. Each fall or scratch in fact helps children build up resistance, strengthening their immunity in the process.

Seeing children take a tumble will of course bring out the protective instinct in any parent. However, recalling our own childhoods, we will remember how we enjoyed robust games in any kind of open ground, or spent hours under the sun at the beach with hundreds of other people. It’s obvious that today we’re being over-protective. Why not give your children a healthy dose of the outdoors and see them bloom?

Playing outdoors has so much to offer children. The sun will help their bodies create vitamin D. Being outdoors, away from the distraction of devices and TV, also strengthens the bonds between children and parents. And there’s so much to do outdoors – hiking, trekking, walking, going to the beach, and meeting new friends at playgrounds.

So look past the dirt and see good health for your children through stronger immunity!

Posted On
12 March 2018

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