Behind the scenes

VITAGEN Health Educational Tour

Learn how VITAGEN is made!

You’ve tasted the delicious goodness of VITAGEN. Now you get to peek behind the scenes to see how it’s made! This incredible VITAGEN Tour takes you on a fun-filled learning experience about Malaysia’s No. 1 Cultured Milk drink.

See for yourself how VITAGEN is made using state-of-the-art technology with stringent quality control procedures which conforms to the highest international standards. The tour will showcase how each bottle gets packed with billions of live probiotic cultures before it makes its way from our factory to you.

Register your interest today. The VITAGEN Health Educational Tour is available for morning and afternoon sessions on weekdays. Admission is free.

Tour Itinerary

Go on a fun-filled learning adventure with VITAGEN

Morning Session

9.30AMArrival @ Cotra Enterprises (Function Room)

9.35AMIntroduction of the Company and Products

9.50AMVideo Presentation

10:00AMPlant Tour: See how VITAGEN is made

10:15AMRefreshments / Questions & Answers

10:25AMSpecial Token to Visitors / End of Session

Afternoon Session

2:30PMArrival @ Cotra Enterprises (Function Room)

2:35PMIntroduction of the Company and Products

2:50PMVideo Presentation

3:00PMPlant Tour: See how VITAGEN is made

3:15PMRefreshments / Questions & Answers

3:25PMSpecial Token to Visitors / End of Session