10 Jul 2019

Bowels of irritation

Adulting today may be getting you down in more ways than you are aware of.
14 Jun 2019

An attitude for gratitude has mental health benefits

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough." – Melody Beattie
6 Dec 2018

Gut microbiota and health

The digestive system is made of the gastrointestinal tract, which is also
6 Dec 2018

A strong immune system starts in the gut

Your digestive system accounts for the majority of your body's immune system.
6 Dec 2018

The probiotic advantage to health

Probiotics, or good bacteria, are live microorganisms which replenish the 'good'
6 Dec 2018

Getting to know probiotics and its health benefits

When it comes to one's overall health, good gut health is crucial.
5 Dec 2018

Gut or brain, who’s the boss?

Did you know that there is a link between the gut and the brain?
27 Jul 2018

A little help for your immunity

Having a healthy immune system is vital for good health and there are many factors
27 Jul 2018

Probiotics help your immunity

You may be aware that probiotics are closely linked to the state of