28 Feb 2018

Boosting your immunity with bacteria

Bacteria usually have a bad reputation among human beings. Many of these
28 Feb 2018

Gut Microbiome: Potential option as allergy prevention & treatment

Mounting evidence suggests microorganisms that line our digestive tracts
28 Feb 2018

Between gut & mind

Your digestive system plays a far more critical role than merely digesting food.
28 Feb 2018

Microbial-specific diet for effective weight loss

Recent studies suggest that manipulating the composition of the gut microbiota may
27 Feb 2018

Gut microbiota influences your mood

The gut microbiota does more than just help with the digestive process;
25 Feb 2018

Constipation-relief properties of probiotics

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is among the most common gastrointestinal
7 Sep 2000

Matcha Jelly with VITAGEN Granita

7 Sep 2000

VITAGEN Ice Popsicles

7 Sep 2000

VITAGEN LB & Banana Mint Shake